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July 2012

Pho Tai Nam at Pho Tan Hoa

Pho Tan Hoa Review

@ Tenderloin
431 Jones St
(between Antonio St & Ellis St)
San Francisco, CA 94102

Pho Tan Hoa is another Vietnamese restaurant located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. The Tenderloin has a lot of good Vietnamese restaurants and this one is probably one of the best. This restaurant is located right next …

Za Zang Myung

Yuyu Za Zang Review

@ Oakland
3919 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

Yuyu Za Zang is a Chinese/Korean restaurant in Oakland. It specializes in a Korean noodle dish called Za Zang Myung. It also has other kinds of food other than noodle but the noodles is what they’re known for. There is a recipe for Za Zang Myung …

Yaki Soba

Yaki-Soba (Yakisoba) Recipe

Yakisoba is a stir-fried Japanese noodle dish. Its literal meaning is “fried noodles in sauce” and it is kind of like your typical Chinese chow mein but with different type of noodles.
This recipe I made with fresh tuna and a side of miso soup. That was just an add-on I did but you can …

Ziti Pasta with Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce

Ziti with Gorgonzola Cheese Recipe

Another pasta dish I ate last night for dinner that I found online. This time I made ziti with spinach, cherry tomatoes and Gorgonzola. I’ve always like the Gorgonzola pasta at Pasta Pomodoro and this recipe is as close as it gets! It’s very tasty with the pungent cheese and it also makes it creamy. …

Kirimachi Tonkotsu Ramen

Kirimachi Ramen Review

450 Broadway St
(between Kearny St & Rowland St)
San Francisco, CA 94133

I found out about this ramen place through a Japanese restaurant that had fliers advertising this place. So I went on Yelp to see if it was legit and from the reviews and pictures, it looked pretty good. So being the …


Summer Macaroni Salad Recipe

So yesterday was the 4th of July and I decided to make macaroni salad from scratch for a BBQ I was going to. As it turned out, it was pretty good! This recipe I found online was very easy to make and you can even leave it in refrigerator for three days to eat. Perfect …


Homemade Tonkotsu Ramen Recipe

I was thinking the other day…it’s about time I make my own ramen at home! I found a recipe online that got a lot comments and it’s a pretty legit website. Check it out if you have time here!
So first thing, this recipe has a lot of steps and takes a lot of time. …