Kirimachi Ramen Review

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450 Broadway St
(between Kearny St & Rowland St)
San Francisco, CA 94133

Kirimachi Tonkotsu Ramen

I found out about this ramen place through a Japanese restaurant that had fliers advertising this place. So I went on Yelp to see if it was legit and from the reviews and pictures, it looked pretty good. So being the noodle lover I am, I had to give this place a try.

Krimachi is located in the middle of Broadway, right where all the strip clubs are located. I definitely did not think I would find a ramen restaurant in this area.  But there it was. I came here with a few of my coworkers who also like noodles and wanted to try this place out.

Once we went in, there was no one at the front to greet us. The chef and the kitchen is on the right when you walk in. As I walked in further, the chef saw me and gave me a nod and went back to making ramen. Finally, I saw the only waitress there and she greeted us and asked us to sit down anywhere.

After we sat down, I looked around and saw that there were 3 other tables besides us and only one waitress and one cook manning the whole restaurant. We waited at our table for about 15 minutes before the waitress came to give us water. We then waited another 15 minutes to get our utensils and menu. After about 5 more minutes, she came to take our order. This whole time, my coworkers and I were thinking about leaving but it’s a new ramen spot we have never tried, so we decided to stay.

Finally after another 15-20 minutes after ordering, our ramen came. I ordered the Tonkotsu ramen cause it was what they were known for. At first glance, it looked good but the bowl was a little small.  We were all so hungry waiting; we all just dove right in to our ramen without saying a word to each other. To my surprise, the ramen was delicious! I thought to myself this better be good for making us wait this long and it was good! The broth was creamy and flavorful but not salty. The noodles had the perfect texture but was a little on the thin side. The ingredients in the ramen were also delicious, especially their soy sauce egg with the soft yolk in the middle.

The meat that they have was shredded char siu instead of your typical sliced char siu. It was very good with a lot of flavor. Other ingredients that came with the ramen were green onions, mushroom, bean sprouts and a shrimp cake.

Overall, this place had very good ramen and the serving was plenty. Even though it looked small, the bowl was really deep. It’s really unfortunate that the service was so bad. This would probably be my new go-to ramen in San Francisco if they had better service. In conclusion, I would have to give this place a 5/10 if I had to rate it with their service. Without the bad service and just rating their ramen, I would give it a solid 8/10.

Oh Kirimachi, just hire one more waitress and you would have so much more business!

Kirimachi Ramen Menu

UPDATE (2/4/2013):

Kirimachi Kuro Tonkotsu Ramen

I came back to Kirimachi’s last week to see if they have improved. And indeed they have! I think they have improved in all aspects. They use to be a pop up store and they were closed on weird days like Friday. But now, I guess they have this place permanently. They are opened from Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner. Their service has vastly improved. Still one waitress and one chef but I believe she read my review and has stepped up her game. You can check out their link back to my website here.

In my first visit, it took me about 45 minutes to get my Ramen but this time around, it took only 5 minutes. They seem to have everything in place now to have the restaurant run more smoothly. This time around, they had a Ramen that I did not see in my first visit: Kuro Tonkotsu Ramen. This bowl was delicious! It had their rich, flavorful broth and on top, they add this black garlic sauce (as seen in the picture above). They have changed their meat from shredded pork to your more standard char-siu slices. The meat was very tender, almost melt in your mouth tenderness. The egg was always good and it still is.

Overall, I have to admit, this is one of the better Ramen shop in the Bay Area. I even came here 2 times in 3 days! I give this place a solid 9/10 now with the better service and great broth. I think this place is by far better than Katana-Ya and Ramen Underground. If you are ever in the area or work in the Financial District, I suggest you make your way down to Kirimachi’s. Their ramen is superb and the waitress is very nice. This has instantly become a must-try on my list of noodle joints in the Bay Area!

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