Five A’s Cafe Review

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@ Burlingame
1851 El Camino Real
Burlingame, CA 94010

Shanghainese Thick Noodle Chow Mein

Five A’s Café is a restaurant located near El Camino inside a small plaza in Burlingame. From their signage, it’s called Five A’s because they serve and cook dishes from various regions in Asia. From what I can tell, it’s Schezuan, Taiwanese, Cantonese and the other two could be Korean and Shanghainese.

This place is pretty good and I’ve eaten here a handful of times. It’s usually a hit or miss as some people have said on Yelp but overall, it’s a pretty solid Chinese restaurant in the area.

Of course for me, I always get the noodles but I have tried some of their other dishes and they weren’t bad either. In this particular review, I will be reviewing their Shanghainese thick noodle chow mein.

I have to admit, it’s not the best Shanghainese Chow Mein I have had. I would go to a true Shanghai restaurant for that. However, their other noodles that they have on the menu were pretty good. Some of the other noodles I had in the past were the hand-cut noodle soup, their cold spicy noodle and their dan dan mein. I liked their cold noodle the best but I am sure they have other good dishes on the menu I have not tried.

My fiancé loves their “Lou Rou Fan”. It is a rice dish served with minced pork belly on top with slices of fried pork chop on top and a soy sauce egg. It’s delicious! If you come here, you should definitely order this along with some of their noodles. The flavor and the sauce of the minced pork belly goes really well with the rice and the fried pork has a lot of flavor.

The service here is sub-par. If you speak Mandarin, then they’ll treat you nicer but I can tell you they can be rude to people who don’t speak Mandarin. Although they have been nice to me (and I don’t speak Mandarin) I have gotten a waitress that wasn’t so nice. I think the nicest server is the middle-aged man who wears glasses. He speaks English too.

Be sure to let me know what you think if you eat here or have eaten here!

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