Turtle Tower #3 Review

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@ San Francisco, SOMA
501 6th St
(between Brannan St & I-280)
San Francisco, CA 94103

Turtle Tower Pho Ga

This has been a long overdue review. Turtle Tower is one of the most popular Pho Ga (Chicken Pho) in the city of San Francisco. Known for the Pho Ga, they also have regular beef pho and most of the appetizers you find at any Vietnamese restaurant. This specific Turtle Tower I am reviewing is the newest Turtle Tower that opened in the SOMA about a year ago. They have two more locations in San Francisco; one in the Tenderloin (Larkin) and one in Outer Richmond (Geary).

This location is in the middle of no where. There is really nothing else around the area except for auto body shops, business buildings and some small shops.

So onto the review of this restaurant. I think its pretty good but I’ve had better. I think a lot of people like this place because this is what they have grown accustomed to or have grown up eating. Other than Turtle Tower, it’s pretty hard to find a good chicken pho place in the City. The broth isn’t bad. It’s a little inconsistent from time to time. It can get pretty bland sometimes but when it does have enough flavor, it’s pretty good. The noodles are pretty good compared to that of Chicken Pho You. Still a little bit on the soggy side but definitely¬† firmer than Chicken Pho You.

The chicken meat in the noodle soup is a little on the dry side. That’s probably the worst part of the meal. I definitely prefer Chicken Pho You‘s chicken more than Turtle Tower.

I guess from reading this review, you probably get the idea I like Chicken Pho You better than Turtle Tower even though both have their flaws. For Turtle Tower, I would give it a 7/10 for their chicken pho due to their inconsistent broth and their dry chicken meat.

Now if someone can combine the goods of both restaurants, that would be the perfect Pho Ga…

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