Pho The Gioi Review

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@ South San Francisco
2239 Gellert Blvd
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Pho Tai Bo Vien

Came here one night for dinner since this was one of the very few pho restaurants I have not tried in the area. This restaurant was actually one of the first places I had pho. Back then, it was a different restaurant with different owners and since the owner change, I have not tried this place until now.

Stepping inside the restaurant, I had high hopes because it smelled good and the place looked pretty clean (except for the seats). This restaurant is very big and has plenty of seating. After sitting down, I noticed all the waiters were very old. After looking over the menu one of the waiters came by to take our order. He had a difficult time hearing us ordering and would ask us to point to the menu in what we wanted. After we ordered, the owner came by and told us that the dish my fiance ordered did not have the sauce, so she decided to get Vermicilli.

The food took awhile to come, probably 15 minutes. Pho usually takes 5-10 minutes to come out so I was thinking, this Pho better be good for the wait. Unfortunately, after it arrived, I was disappointed. The broth was not piping hot like it should be but instead it was warm. The noodles were OK, a little on the uncooked side and the meat was just alright. Even when the vegetable plate came, they didn’t have enough lemon and basil. I asked for more and it took them another 5 minutes to get me lemon and basil.

Overall, the experience and the pho was pretty bad. The flavor in the broth was actually decent but everything else was bad. I would have to rate this place a 6/10. I would only come here if Pho’s Saigon or Pho Hyunh Heip were closed.

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