Siam Spoon Thai Cuisine Review

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@ South San Francisco
427 Linden Ave
South San Francisco, CA 94080

I came to Siam Spoon because my fiance tried it once with a friend and said it was good. She also mentioned they have my favorite Thai dish, roasted duck noodle soup! So we decided to come during dinner time one night.

The place is quite small but has a good amount of seating. The table we were sitting at was very small table for two. Enough space for two entrees and two drinks. When we first arrived, we were seated quickly as the lady behind the front desk told us we can sit anywhere. After sitting down, it took them awhile to give us the menu. After waiting for another 10 minutes, our waiter finally came and took our order.

We ordered the roast duck noodle soup, fried chicken over fried rice and two Thai ice tea’s. And here comes the bad part of the review. Even though the restaurant was not full (maybe 3 parties), it took them about 25 minutes to get our food. My noodle soup came first in about 15 minutes and then my fiance’s fried rice came 10 minutes after mine. I was hungry and did not want my noodles to get soaked so I started to eat. By the time her food came out, I was nearly done. We would have left if I didn’t receive my food already. After the food came, there were no apologies of the wait.

The food itself was very good. The broth in my roast duck noodle soup was very flavorful and was comparable to the one at King of Thai. The bad part of the soup was the duck. It was very dry and they give you very little meat. It seemed like the duck was old and have been sitting out all day. The noodles were good with nice firmness and texture.

My fiance’s fried rice was pretty good too but instead of regular fried chicken that we were use to at King of Thai, they used tonkotsu fried chicken which was little weird to us. Nonetheless, the chicken was good and the fried rice had very good flavor without being too salty.

Being irritated with the long ridiculous wait, we quickly asked for the check. They brought our check quickly along with fried banana with vanilla ice cream dessert. I told our waiter we didn’t order it and he replied “Yes I know, but I want to give you this because you guys waited so long.” We thought it was a nice gesture but they shouldn’t have had us wait that long from the beginning. On top of that, I hate bananas! HAHA! But my fiance enjoyed the free dessert and I had to eat some too because I didn’t want it to go to waste. It wasn’t bad I guess but I still don’t like bananas.

All in all, I would rate the food here a 8/10 and the service a 2/10. Making that an overall score of 6/10. It’s unfortunate that restaurants have bad service that can ruin the experience of everything else. I mean if they even had some decent service, I would make this my go-to Thai restaurant but instead, I probably won’t be coming back here anytime soon.

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