Saigon Cafe Review

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@ Livermore
2011 2nd St
Livermore, CA 94550

Saigon Cafe, Pho, Beef Pho, Beef Noodle Soup

I go camping at least once a year and after those camping trips, I am usually dying for some noodle soup. So after camping at Yosemite last month for 4 days, I was craving for some good pho. Once I got reception on my phone while driving home (I wasn’t driving), I quickly went on yelp to help me find a good pho restaurant. Not to my surprise, there weren’t many options around the area but as I checked further away on the highway, some started to pop up on my phone.

Most of the pho restaurant’s had bad reviews but usually pho restaurants don’t get that great of a review anyways. So here’s a little trick to find a good pho spot: look at the pictures!  If the broth looks dull and plain, it’s probably not good. What I look for in pictures is the color of the broth and what’s inside. Good pho usually has a little bit of oil on top, the broth is a little dark (beef broth) and it has some veggies inside (green onions and sliced onions).

The restaurant I eventually decided on was Saigon Cafe in Livermore, California. It actually has a solid 4 star rating on yelp and the pictures looked delicious. As we pulled up to the restaurant, I realized I’ve been here before one other time after camping trip a few years back. I remember it was pretty solid pho but was a little disappointed I wasn’t trying a new place.

The pho here was what I was expecting: solid. The broth had a lot of flavor but it was different from what I normally have. The broth had more of the star anise flavor and it was a lot sweeter than what I have grown accustomed to. However, it was still good.

The meat was very tender and the noodles were perfect in consistency. The portions here were HUGE. I was starving, so I ordered a large and made my fiance order a large also so I can finish what she couldn’t. That was a bad idea. I was thinking with my stomach again. I could barely finish my bowl and after we were done, she had about 3/4 of her pho remaining. I felt so bad. I hate to waste food, let alone wasting noodles!

All of their ingredients were very fresh and they had a lot of green onions and regular onions in their soup, which I liked. Overall, I would rate this place a solid 7/10. I will definitely be coming back whenever I am in the area. Everyone that I went to eat with all said this place was very good. We were all surprised because who would have thought there would be a good pho restaurant in Livermore?

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