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October 2012



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Email (or comment below) with one noodle recipe that YOU have made at home.
Take a picture of your dish and include it in the email or comment.
After the deadline, we will select the top …

Healthy Fettucine Alfredo Recipe

Healthy Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe

The other day, I decided I wanted a healthy type of pasta. So once again, I scoured the web for a healthy Fettuccine Alfredo recipe. Some might think, how can Alfredo sauce be healthy? Most Fettuccine Alfredo contain a lot of butter, cheese and cream. This recipe I found online replaced all that bad stuff …

Dan Dan Noodles

Dan Dan Noodles Recipe

Dan Dan Noodles or better known in Chinese as Dan Dan Mein is a classic noodle dish originated from Sichuan cuisine. Sichuan cuisine usually has a lot of spiciness to it and this dish is no exception. However, you can modify the spiciness to your own taste with this recipe. Dan Dan Noodles is a …

Pancit Noodles

Pancit Recipe

Pancit is a very popular Filipino noodle dish. It is probably the most common dish in Filipino cuisine. I found this recipe on this website while searching for a authentic Pancit recipe. This blogger, Bee, has some amazing recipes on her site. It has mainly Asian recipes but she also has other non-Asian recipes on …

Boss Noodles

How to eat noodles like a Boss!

I think some of you have may seen this but if you haven’t, you must check this video/website out! A ramen noodle company called Boss Noodles created a hilarious commercial on how to eat noodles like a boss. One of the funnier commercials I have seen in a long time and it’s about noodles! If …

Jampong Noodle Soup

Jampong Recipe

Jampong is a Chinese inspired Korean noodle soup dish. It consists of all types of seafood and a little bit of meat and vegetables. The broth is made out of a seaweed stock that you make prior to adding everything together. Jampong is served at many Korean-Chinese restaurants. It’s at these types of restaurants where …

Carbonara Spaghetti

Carbonara with Spaghetti Recipe

Carbonara is an Italian dish that consists of pasta of your choice (but usually spaghetti) with eggs, cheese, bacon and black pepper. Even though this dish consists of little ingredients, it is more difficult to make than people think. If you don’t make it right, you might find yourself eating a dish with noodles and …

Instant Noodle Udon with Ham

Hot & Spicy Udon Review

On a lazy Sunday night, while the Sunday Night Football game was on, I decided to make a quick easy dinner so I could watch the game. I was taking a look inside my fridge and found some instant noodle udon that I bought a few weeks back. Udon is a Japanese noodle soup that …