Pho Ha Nam Ninh – (#25 Dry) Review

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Pho Ha Nam Ninh Dry Noodles

Back in May, I did a review on this restaurant. You can read my review of their Pho here. But I am doing another dedicated post on one of their most famous and popular dish, Hu Tieu Nam Vang (Dry). It’s so good I had to do a special review on this delicious noodle dish!

So if you do decide to come here and order, it’s easiest to just say you want the #25 Dry. Remember the dry part! However, if you order 25, they’ll probably know you want it dry because when I usually order it, they’ll just ask “Dry?”

This dish consists of rice noodles, a wide variety of seafood, pieces of pork, fried garlic and shallots and green onion. Although all of these ingredients are fresh and delicious, what makes this noodle dish stand out from the rest is the sauce they give you on the side to mix in with your dry noodle. I don’t really know what they use to make the sauce but it’s soooooooooo good. I think they use some soy sauce, fish sauce, oil, a lot of garlic and other delicious seasonings.

Dry Noodle Sauce

So what I do when I get it is pour about 3/4 of the sauce all over the noodles and save the rest for dipping. After you pour the sauce into the noodles, make sure you mix it well. Mix the sauce, noodles and the meat together evenly. And dig in! They also serve it with a side of chicken broth which is pretty yummy.

This noodle dish is probably one of my favorite all-time since I have tried it a few months ago. It’s so good, I actually fiend for it. More so than Pho and/or Ramen now. I want to go at least once a week but unfortunately it’s located far from me in the Tenderloin. I recommend you try this dish. If I had to pick one thing to try from all my reviews, I would probably say this or Ramen Dojo.

I will give this delicious noodle dish a solid 10/10!

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