VH Noodle House Review

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3288 Pierce St
Richmond, CA 94804

Vh Noodle Teo Chow Wonton Noodles

VH Noodle House is a noodle restaurant that specializes in Teo Chew cuisine. Teo Chew cuisine originated from the city of Chaozhou (alternatively spelled Chiuchow or Teochew). Choazhou is a city located in the eastern province of China.

Teochew cuisine’s style and technique are heavily influenced by Cantonese cuisine. Its known to be healthy, light but has a lot of flavor.

VH Noodle House is exactly that. Their broth is very light but it is very flavorful, in my opinion. I say “in my opinion” because a lot of people that I know have said it tastes a little bland. But people that know me, know that I like my broths light but flavorful.

What I order is the #11 Teo Chew Wonton Noodles. It has fish balls, meat balls, minced pork meat, shrimp, fish cakes, sliced pork and egg noodles. The broth looks light but it does have a lot of flavor if you appreciate homemade broth from scratch. You can taste the true flavor of the broth rather than just chicken bouillon and/or MSG and salt. I also add a lot of their jalapeno sauce to give it that vinegar flavor. You have a variety of noodles to choose from. They serve regular egg noodle, thick egg noodle, small rice noodle, ho fun and true rice noodles. All of their noodles are good but I usually go with the regular egg noodle or thick egg noodle. I think they are handmade. It’s one of the best egg noodles I’ve ever had. The regular egg noodle is thicker than your normal egg noodle. It’s not like the regular wonton egg noodles you find at other Chinese restaurants. The noodles are very firm and chewy. Sometimes too firm but I like it that way.

Whenever I go to the east bay, I always crave for VH Noodle and almost have to get it every time I’m in the area. Because my fiance’s sister lives in the area, I always tell her to bring me back a order whenever she visits her sister. I know this place is either a hit or miss for some people but I would say try it once and judge for yourself. If you enjoy homemade, flavorful and light broth then you will definitely like this place.

I’ve also heard the they have another location (the original location) in Oakland that is always popular with lines out the door. I have yet to try that location but I’m guessing it’s similar to VH. If you’re in the area, give this place a try and please comment below and let me know what you think!

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