Pho Saigon #1

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1942 N Texas St
Fairfield, CA 94533

Pho Saigon #1

This is another pho restaurant that has “Saigon” or “#1” in their name. I came here during my trip to Reno over the weekend for New Years. Decided to get my pho fix before I go gamble and eat buffet all weekend long.

I was excited to try this place since I come to Fairfield often because my fiancé’s parents own a restaurant close by. The verdict? The pho was just OK. It’s your typical mediocre pho; nothing great about it but nothing that bad either. The noodles were fine. It wasn’t mushy and was firm. The broth had flavor but it seemed like it wasn’t the real good broth you would get at good pho restaurants. It tasted more like faux pho broth that had MSG. The best part of the meal was probably the meat. I’ve always liked the fatty flank (Gau) and this is one of a few places I have tried that serves it. The steak (Tai) was pretty good too, very tender and not dry at all.

Overall, I would give this place your average 6-7/10. If you need a quick pho fix, this will probably hit the spot but this wouldn’t be my go-to pho place. I heard there is another good pho spot around the area so I will try that and will post a review whenever I decide to go there.

As always, comment away if you have ever tried this Pho Saigon!

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