Top 5 Recipes for the Flu Season

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In response to the flu season, I have my top list of recipes for the flu from my site. I just recently had the flu and all I ate was these recipes and I got better within two days. My favorite one is my first pick, Chicken Macaroni Soup Recipe. This recipe really hits the spot for me. Ever since I could remember, my mom would make this for me whenever I had the flu or cold. It brings back memories and it always cures my sickness. If you have a cold or flu right now, I suggest you stay away from heavy and fatty foods. Drink lots of liquids, get a lot of rest and when you are hungry, make one or two of the following recipes below.

#1 Chinese Macaroni Soup Recipe (Hong Kong Style)

#2 Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

#3 Homemade Tonkotsu Ramen Recipe

#4 Pho Tai Recipe with Beef Broth Mix

#5 Chicken Pho You (Not a recipe but if you aren’t able to make food due to your flu, I suggest going out and buying some Chicken Pho to go)

Hope this helps you out during the flu season as it did for me. Remember to get a lot of rest, drink plenty of liquids and take necessary medicine if needed!

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