Little Saigon – Miami, Florida

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16752 N Miami Ave
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Little Saigon Miami

In my quest to review all noodle restaurants that I have eaten at, I had to do a review at the only Pho restaurant I’ve been to in Miami. Came out here a couple weeks ago for my bachelor party and I had to get me some pho after being hungover for a few days. After searching yelp for pho, we finally decided to make our way from South Beach to North Beach for some pho. The cab ride alone was $40! But we had other plans in the area that night.

Once I entered this restaurant, I could almost tell it’s nothing like the Pho I have back home in the Bay Area. All the waiters and cooks spoke Chinese and the menu consisted of everything Asian, not just Vietnamese. They had Pho, Pad Thai, Clay Pot Rice just to name a few. So I continued to order the Pho without much expectation.

The service was quick and friendly. The restaurant itself was clean but looks like your typical Chinese restaurant. When my Pho arrived, it looked good and smelled good. The broth had a dark color to it like most good pho broth do. So it did look promising. But unfortunately, it wasn’t all that great. It was by no means the worst Pho I’ve eaten but it’s nothing to rave home about. The noodles were a little on the firm side and it seemed like it came from dry packaged noodles. The broth tasted like it wasn’t real Pho broth. All in all, it tasted like the Faux Pho that I make at home. I am almost sure they do the same thing. They probably use the powdered Pho mix that you buy in stores and make a whole pot of it and serve it with the packaged dry noodles.

I was disappointed but then again, I wasn’t hoping for much in Miami. I probably will never come back here even if I were to go to Miami again. Next time I’m back in Miami, I’ll try something closer to South Beach with better reviews on Yelp.

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