The Top 21 Bowls of Noodles in Bay Area

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the great noodle quest

I came across this great article about noodles yesterday. The author, John Kauffman, wrote a full on article about his quest for the best noodles in the Bay Area. This is a must read if you live or are from the Bay Area. He writes in depth about 21 restaurants and their most famous noodle dish. Kauffman’s article isn’t vague either. He breaks it down to the specific noodle dish. For example, he doesn’t just mention who has the best Chinese noodles. He breaks its down to who has the best Ho-Fun, Chow Mein, Hand Pulled Noodles and more! His list includes Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and even Malaysian.

This man knows his stuff! Just reading his descriptions on each of the noodles dish makes me salivate in my mouth and want noodles more than ever. I have tried quite a few places he’s mentioned on his list but there also is a few I have not tried. Although he does admit his has left out a few noodle dishes, this list is a nice comprehensive list of the best noodle places in the Bay.

Some of the restaurants I would like in the future: King Won Ton & Noodle, Ark and Orenchi Ramen.

Click here to check out the full article or click on the picture above.

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