The Noodle Guy Pho Cake!

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The Noodle Guy Pho Cake

The Noodle Guy Pho Cake!

What is this you might be wondering? It looks like a bowl of pho with chopsticks floating in the air? It can’t be real? Well what you are seeing right now is the first ever (at least for me) Pho Cake! I recently had my wedding and my wife surprised me with this wonderful grooms cake! It looked awesome! I never seen anything like this and everything was edible that you see except for the chopsticks. Those were actually real.

Everyone at the wedding was surprised by how good it looked. It even had all the little details in it from the jalapenos, green onions, cilantro, steak, and even the hoisin and Siracha sauce on the side! Everything about this cake was amazing and it even tasted as good as it looked.

I can’t thank my wife enough and the cake vendor herself. Her name is Debbie and you should all check out her website here. I can’t give Debbie enough compliments for this wonderful cake. It’s unreal with some of the cakes she has done. You can also check out her Yelp site here. If you live in the Bay Area and are need of a special cake, she can definitely make it happen.

Once again, thank you to my wife, Jenny and our cake vendor Debbie for making our special day that much better!

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