Yin Du Wonton Noodle Review

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@ Chinatown, San Francisco
648 Pacific Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133
Yin Du Wonton Noodle

Roast Duck Wonton Noodle Soup

Yin Du Wonton Noodle is a restaurant that specializes in Wonton noodles and Wonton noodle soups. Their menu is very basic with a section for Wonton noodle soups, Lo Mein (dry egg noodle with a side of broth) and some appetizers and drinks. This place is pretty new. I think it opened back in October of last year.

I’ve seen this place a few times while walking around Chinatown and have always wanted to try it. And today I decided it was a good time to try. Once we walked in, the whole place was full. So we waited about 5 minutes for a table to open up. After we were seated, we were served hot tea quickly. My friend and I were hungry so we quickly decided what we wanted. Unfortunately, the service was bad. The waiter or waitress never came until I flagged her down.

I ordered the roast duck with wonton noodle soup and my friend ordered the beef stew and wonton noodle soup. We also ordered the Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce. Surprisingly, they food didn’t take long to come unlike their service.

Their food was actually really good. The broth had more taste than Hon’s Wunton House and their noodles were the perfect texture (even though it’s pretty hard to screw up egg noodles). Their wontons were fresh and delicious. Perfect meat to noodle wrap consistency. Their roast duck was OK due to the fact the pieces were so small with very little meat. They only gave me 3 small pieces of roast duck (as seen in the picture above).

Overall, I would give this place a solid 8/10. This is a pretty solid wonton noodle place. I would definitely pick this place over Hon’s Wunton House because of the flavor of the broth and the slightly bigger portions. Yin Du Wonton is also a lot cleaner than Hon’s Wunton House which is a big plus. Only thing I can complain about was the service and the small pieces of roasted duck. I’m sure the service is better when it’s not as busy. The prices on their menu don’t hurt either. For my dish it came out to $4.95. Regular wonton noodle soup is $4.30. Next time I come here, I’ll try their lo mein. It looked delicious on the other customers tables.

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