Dalat Restaurant Review

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@ San Jose
408 E William St
San Jose, CA 95112

Hu Tieu Kho (Dry) Soup on the Side

Dalat Restaurant is one of the more popular restaurants in San Jose that specializes in Hu Tieu Dry noodles. Hu Tieu dry noodles is a dry rice noodle dish topped with a lot of seafood, fish cake, pork and vegetables. It’s served with broth and a bowl of sauce on the side. Last year, I did a review on a restaurant that serves the same dish in San Francisco. Check it out here.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Dalat for awhile now from my friends and coworkers. They praise about their famous dry noodle. Ironically, I use to live down the street of this restaurant when I was going to school at San Jose State University. I remember coming here once but I ordered Pho because I wasn’t aware of Hu Tieu back then. Now onto the review…

I’ll start off to say this wasn’t as good as Pho Ha Nam Ninh in San Francisco, in my opinion. The noodles were a little soft and it was the wider type of rice noodles which made it harder to chew and spread. The sauce, which usually makes or breaks this dish, wasn’t to par with Pho Ha Nam Ninh. It didn’t have a lot of extra ingredients in it like the garlic, oil, pepper, shallots etc. It looked and tasted too much of regular soy sauce. The broth on the side was just OK. It was a little on the sweet side. However, a bright spot was the seafood in it. The seafood was very fresh and HUGE! It even came with a lobster claw which was delicious and fresh.

I understand why people would like this place if they love seafood or if they like ingredients over the noodles and sauce. But I’m a noodle guy and I judge most dishes by the noodles and broth and this dish wasn’t up to par with my favorite, Pho Ha Nam Ninh. Overall, I would give this place a 6/10. The service was “bleh” and the place wasn’t that clean. I’m sure there are more dry noodles to try in the South Bay and will definitely be trying more. Look for more “dry noodle” reviews in the future!

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