Izanami Restaurant Review

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@ South San Francisco
257 Grand Ave
South San Francisco, CA 94080
izanami spicy garlic tonkotsu

Spicy Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen

Izanami is one of the newest restaurants that opened on Grand Ave in downtown South San Francisco. It’s something that’s different on Grand Ave since most of the restaurants and stores on this street look old and outdated. Izanami looks very modern and fancy.

I was excited to try this place and was hoping for a good ramen place that will cure my ramen cravings that is close to my home. It looked promising and the menu had a lot of variety. They have all types of appetizers from beef tongue to bacon wrapped mochi. They have all your standard sushi and specialty rolls and of course their ramen.

I went with my family so we ordered a lot. We tried many of their specialty rolls, some appetizers and we all had some ramen. As for the review for the ramen, I thought it was not the worst ramen I had but definitely not the best. A mediocre ramen. The broth was very watery but had good flavor. You can taste the garlic and the pork in the broth. The noodles were pretty good. Wasn’t overcooked but didn’t have that homemade texture that other ramen places have. The pork belly (which I ordered on the side) was pretty good. Very tender and very fatty. I was starving, so I devoured the bowl. After finishing, it reminded me of Saiwaii Ramen that I had a few months ago. Same type of look and same type of broth.

Overall, this place was decent. I would give it your average 6.5 out of 10. Some of their rolls were good but the rice on the sushi just wasn’t chewy enough. I thought their bacon wrapped mochi wasn’t bad either. Also, the prices were a little high. A bowl of ramen will cost you over $10 and to add the pork belling was another $3 extra. For this price, I would definitely go elsewhere. However, if I am dying for some ramen and don’t want to travel far, I’d come here.

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