So a little about me…I like to call myself the noodle man. That’s what most of my friends call me anyway. I am sure there are more “hardcore” people out there but as far as I know, I eat as much noodles as anyone else I’ve ever known. I can eat it everyday if I could. Here’s a little funny story I’ll share with yall…

So when I first met my fiance, we went out on our first date. And during our date, we talked about a whole bunch of things, including what we like to eat. She told me she loved Pho and that none of her friends would eat Pho with her because she loves it so much. (That was like music to my ears!) I told her I loved Pho too and any type of noodle for that matter.

So 3 years past, and countless bowls of Pho and noodles, we went to our go-to Pho restaurant. We sat down and the conversation went something like this:


  “Babe, I need to tell you something…”
  “What is it?”
  “You know how I said I loved Pho when we first met?”
  “Well, now I really hate Pho because of you! We eat it too damn much!”


To be honest, we did eat it a lot, probably like 3-4 times a week but I thought she loved Pho like me. So to sum it up, my fiance, who use to love all types of noodle dishes, hates a lot of them now because of me. Because I’m a noodle fanatic, a noodle enthusiast, a noodle extremist, a noodle maniac or whatever you want to call it.

So that brings us back to why I created this blog. I want to share my noodle experiences with people as passionate about noodles as I am! On this site, you will be able to find all types of information about noodles, recipes, restaurants and news. I hope you have stumbled upon this site because you love noodles! If not, I hope that this site will make you love noodles as much as I do!

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