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Japanese Recipes

Yaki Soba

Yaki-Soba (Yakisoba) Recipe

Yakisoba is a stir-fried Japanese noodle dish. Its literal meaning is “fried noodles in sauce” and it is kind of like your typical Chinese chow mein but with different type of noodles.
This recipe I made with fresh tuna and a side of miso soup. That was just an add-on I did but you can …


Homemade Tonkotsu Ramen Recipe

I was thinking the other day…it’s about time I make my own ramen at home! I found a recipe online that got a lot comments and it’s a pretty legit website. Check it out if you have time here!
So first thing, this recipe has a lot of steps and takes a lot of time. …


Ramen Noodle Salad Recipe

I was looking to eat somewhat healthy tonight so I decided to look for a recipe for ramen salad. Just scanning through our fellow blogger Matt Fischer’s website, I found this interesting recipe that got a lot of good reviews from the comments it received. Unfortunately, it needs to sit overnight so I will be …