We have to admit that due to uncertainty, isolation, inability to hold a dialogue, not every man manages to get acquainted with a girl in real life.

The good news is that each young man now has a unique opportunity to build a relationship with a representative of the opposite sex online thanks to Omegle and Chatroulette.

And the presence of video communication will allow not only to see the appearance of the girl, but also to see her facial expressions, gestures, mood.

What is more, you should learn to flirt and follow the basic rules and recommendations related to this process.

How to flirt with women

To intrigue your interlocutor and be non-trivial, you should:

1. Focus on yourself and the way how you share information. You should be completely relaxed, be positive and confident. If you begin to bore the girl with boring questions and a depressed mood, she will surely finish the conversation. It is better to show a sense of humor. For example, a conversation on intimate topics (immediately after a first meeting) may frighten off your interlocutor. Do not forget about playfulness and positive.

2. Learn to make sincere compliments. Even if your interlocutor has very nice body, you should not tell her about it directly (what are your cool boobs and chic hips). You should better once again emphasize her wit and non-trivial look at a particular issue. If you communicate using a webcam, note how elegantly she is dressed and how good she looks.

3. When you feel that you have understood the character of your interlocutor, you can play a trick on her. Let her feel a sense of ease and lively communication. Thus, you will not only demonstrate your sense of humor, but you will also be able to find out how she relates to various jokes, whether she knows how to laugh at herself, what complexes she has.

4. Do not be trite and straightforward. Try to prepare an interesting topic for a conversation in advance by reading the hot information through online sources. For example, try to find out who she sees herself in the future (for example, after 3-5 years). Thus, you will have a unique opportunity to find out her aspirations, immediate prospects, and plans. You can share your ideas for the future. It will show your initiative for intellectual development.

5. Show persistence and integrity in any controversial issue. Even if the question is not worthy continue to argue your point of view and insist on being right. Such a principled approach will demonstrate strength and inflexibility of character and will make it clear to your interlocutor that in any combination of circumstances you will insist on yourself.

6. Do not be afraid to diversify communication and discuss a completely abstract topic. Even if you ask a stupid question, for example, ‘Do you like gooseberries?’ or ‘What color was your first bike?’. Do not be shy, it will be a reason for a smile and the continuation of a relaxed conversation.

7. After a long conversation, you can start a dialogue on an intimate topic. It should be understood that every girl, no matter how modest she is, one way or another, thinks about sex. Try to find out when she had the last sexual experience (and whether she had it at all).

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