It is impossible to predict what kind of man will be your interlocutor in the chat-roulettes like Omegle and Chatroulette. Since the chat is an opportunity to meet a lot of people, you should be ready to get acquainted with different interlocutors. That is why you have to make up interesting questions in advance.

Basic conversation rules

How can you start a conversation? To begin with, learn names of each other and then change the topic of the conversation.

If you want the conversation to last longer than 10-15 seconds, take into account the following:

– ask specific questions. Otherwise, guys will not understand what you want from them;

– instead of ‘how are you’, ask ‘what is new’. This is how friends usually start greeting each other. It will bring you closer to your interlocutor. But you should be ready that he may answer ‘nothing at all’. Then you will have to amuse him with a story from your own day;

– do not ask questions that need a short answer, because you may not find another topic to discuss.

There should always be alternative questions about cars, fishing, hunting, traveling, something that will interesting for a certain guy.

Top five questions

If you want the conversation to be interesting and enjoyable, be polite, smile and talk as if you have already met him before. So, you should ask:

What are your most precious memories?

Every person has them, but not everyone wants to discuss it. In this case, you can paraphrase the word ‘precious’ into ‘bright’. You will gather a lot of interesting information about the interlocutor, who gives examples from his childhood and youth.

How have you earned money for the first time?

All men like discussing money. Unless he is unemployed one, he will be glad to talk about the first business ideas and savings. Funny stories will positively affect the conversation.

What holidays do you like and why?

Usually there are a lot of pleasant moments associated with holidays and celebrations. Such a question can be really useful. It will help you to learn about the interlocutor’s family and friends.

What is your zodiac sign?

This is a question from the category of neutral ones, which will not cause irritation. It is a gift of nature.

What do you pay attention to at the first meeting?

You will not look vulgar, as it is the natural needs of people to study their interlocutors and draw conclusions.

When you think about questions, give up provocative and boring options that can irritate an interlocutor.

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