The Internet as an information space today unites people from different countries and continents, acquaintances and strangers, friends and loved ones. It is already difficult to do without the Internet services, as they quickly get used to the good.

Lack of communication makes a modern person turn to the capabilities of the Internet in order to easily communicate with an interesting person or make new friends. Loneliness for most people is a serious problem and everyone solves this problem in different ways. Modern information technology allows a huge number of people to overcome this problem.

Where you can search for friends in the Internet

The Internet provides a lot of opportunities to make friends. There are various services that can help you to make friend and make it possible to communicate with him in a form that is convenient for both of you.

Friends can be found:

· in social networks. Most people come to such resources for this, because the audience of social networks is very large. You can register in several popular networks and the probability of meeting an interesting person will increase;

· regular chats and video chats. Such services are very convenient, especially video chats. In a video chat, sympathy and feedback appears much faster than in ordinary chat;

· forums dedicated to a specific topic. Random people rarely come to such a resource and everyone who is there is interested in certain things.

How to find friends on the Internet?

The Internet is exactly the place where you can try to fight some of your complexes and get rid of loneliness. A lot of people cannot make friends because of natural shyness. The internet can help you with this.

Thus, the first step in making a friend is to search for an online resource for communication. To do this, follow these steps:

· Find an online resource where you can meet people with the same views as yours. It can be a variety of social networks or forums where it is possible to leave your comments;

· Before deciding to register on a selected resource, be sure to find reviews about the site.

The second stage can be considered the search for like-minded people on the selected site. Your main steps on the resource may be:

· By registering on the site, you become a full-fledged member of a certain online community and you can fully familiarize yourself with all the comments and write them yourself;

· You should pay attention to people who write about the same things that you are interested in;

· You can start communication directly on the site using the ability to write comments;

· In addition, you can join other people’s conversations on such resources.

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