Facial expressions and gestures are an integral part of communication, which should not be underestimated. Sometimes body movements, the expression of eyes and face help a person understand much better than a thousand words.

Understanding sign language is a true art, to which entire courses at universities are devoted. But knowledge of non-verbal communication is useful not only to psychologists and those who are fond of human behavior. It will be useful in everyday life too, for example, to better understand your interlocutors and guess their mood.

Chat-roulette and sign language

A chat-roulette is an ideal training ground for improving non-verbal communication skills. Where, if not here, you can get acquainted with the speed of several people per hour and observe the behavior of their interlocutors.

The best chat-roulettes are Omegle and Chatroulette. They do not require registration, so all you need for communication is a device with the Internet and a webcam.

So, remember the following gestures and their interpretations! If your interlocutor is in the process of communication:

· Constantly shrugs. He is not indifferent to the conversation, he is not sure of his words, or perhaps he is not as honest with you as you want.

· Rubs the neck or ear. He does not understand what you are telling him about, but agrees with your words.

· She covers her mouth with her hand. I do not agree with what you are saying.

· Copies your movements. He tries to say that he likes you.

· Cannot sit still. It is obvious that the interlocutor is nervous or experiencing intense excitement.

· Tilts head. Intrigued by the conversation, he is pleased to have a conversation with you.

Also, sometimes many gestures can show the character of the interlocutor.

· He gestures violently with his hands. He is very emotional, not able to express his thoughts in such a way as to be understood.

· Sits with his head and shoulders bowed. He is not self-confident, scared or very excited. Although perhaps just something upset.

· Nods constantly. He used to please everyone, has no opinion of his own.

· Raises his chin and head. Arrogant, aggressive and sees in all around enemies, rivals or competitors.

It is very important to understand that these gestures and their meanings may not always coincide with what your interlocutor actually feels and who he is in real life. For example, if during a conversation your interlocutor, on the contrary, constantly itches, then this does not necessarily mean excitement and self-doubt. Perhaps this is how he is allergic or he was bitten by mosquitoes the day before. Therefore, you should not immediately render your verdict or interrupt a video call. Communicate, look at people, and soon you will notice how you understand many of them without words.

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