If you want to make online communications really interesting and playful, you need to start the converstation with your partner wisely. In order to achieve it, you just need to follow some rules and recommendations and it is important to have the ability to ask the right questions while chatting online.

Some questions are only appropriate to be asked in the narrow context, while other are deeper and require some broad comments rather that trivial “yes” or “no”.

Anyway, the question should be formed correctly, following the rules of grammar and punctuation. The presence of obscene language or intentional words distortion are considered to be bad manners. There is a high probability for your interlocutor to stop the chat.

What questions you should ask while communicating online

Communocation via chat rooms online requires particular skills and tact. Remember that asking a question you can show neither your mimics nor your intonation.

The following rules recommendations should be followed:

-Do not ask too many questions. By maintaining constant tension, you will only push your interlocutor away, and he/she will simply stop the chat. Ask a question, be patient, wait for a complete answer and only then ask the next one;

– Ask about things that you are interested in. By doing that, you will be able to find out what you have in common and what interests you share. That will help you to maintain an interesting conversation in the future;

– Ask original and unusual questions, forget about trivial “what do you think about the weather today?” or “what is your favourite colour?” Too general topics also should be avoided. So, it is better not to ask about the nature of existence or the creation of the universe.

Among the best questions for online communication are:

1. What can make you smile?

2. If there was an urgent need for you to immediately go to another country, what would you take with you first of all?

3. You are on a ship that is crashing. What wish would you make, knowing that it will surely come true?

4. What do you get the most pleasure from?

5. If you found a diplomat with a million dollars, what would you buy first?

6. What is the most reckless act you have done?

7. If you had the opportunity to start a new life, would you use it?

8. Where will you feel most comfortable: in a chic restaurant or a regular McDonalds?

9. If you were presented with a big white yacht, how would you call it?

10. Are you a sentimental person? Have you ever cried after watching a movie or reading a book?

11. If you had a vacation, would you prefer a trip and a walk in a beautiful city or a quiet and relaxing time on the seashore or by the ocean?

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